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What if You Could Get Red Hot Leads On Demand?​

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I've Learned From and Shared the Stage with Marketing Superstars Like Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone & Russell Brunson ...

And I'm sharing what the world's best marketers and business people know about attracting leads and converting them into clients... specifically how it applies to your real estate business

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As a Top 1% Realtor for over 20 years... and current coach to top producers across the nation... I've invested in

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Here's What I've Learned (New Research):

The Biggest Secrets To Attracting
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Take the guesswork out of your real estate marketing, spend less time at open houses, or working away your weekends and nights,
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A Clear Path Exists...

What if there is an easier way that what you currently know or rely on doing???In my experience and repeatedly with my students, I've found that becoming a Top Producer (the go-to agent) has almost NOTHING to do with:

  • How long you've been in real estate...
  • ​​What your market looks like (big city, suburb, rural or small town)...
  • Or even if there was a top competitor already in your area...

But instead, it has everything to do with your ability to:

  • ​Be seen by the masses in your market and deliver value to them where they're already looking... ONLINE
  • ​How well & quickly you can build a relationship with your community and get them to know you, like you and TRUST you
  • ​Collect the attention of local leads, and educate them so you're seen an an expert authority and the go-to agent in your market 

Agents Are Loving the Book...

I know it's getting harder to standout...

Homeowners and buyers in your community still feel uncertain about the future of the housing market and maybe even the economy.

Inventory is still low... but the competition is heating up.
Agents are desperate, and it's still really hard to standout or win business without cutting your commission.

And even more concerning, you've seen a flood of homeowners convinced they don't need an agent..

So you might be thinking, how can I prove my expertise?

What do I have to do to get clients to come to me?

Look, I understand you know the importance of digital marketing for your real estate business.
And that your brokerage has probably given you an excessive amount of "digital marketing & social media tools" to use...

You've been handed a website template.

You've been sent daily social media posts & blogs.

Your agent profiles across the internet aren't 100% complete.

Workshops, seminars & zoom meetings are filling your calendar with more information than you
could possibly even handle...It can seem pretty overwhelming.

Trying to navigate all the new tools, while still sticking to traditional methods of trying to find new clients and sell more homes... is sucking up all of your time... and it's not producing any real results.

But you're not alone.

I can show you my step by step strategy in my NEW book

I found a repeatable, scaleable set of tools, tactics and strategies that positioned me as an expert on how to stand out online to drown out all the other noise from any competition.

I've coached thousands of real estate agents, from all over the nation... big cities, small towns, you name it. In all different types of markets.

And guess what, these strategies work for them too.

So, I decided to write this book, Sell 100+ Homes a Year, and get these strategies, tools and tactics into the hands of as many real estate agents just like you. To guide you through digital marketing secrets that will help you become the leading agent in your area.

What to Expect Inside My Book...

  • ​Basic Principles For Becoming a Top Agent
  • ​Establishing Your Authority & Positioning Yourself as an Expert
  • ​Engage in Innovative Ways
  • ​Your Secret Weapon: Video
  • ​Using Technology Efficiently & Impactfully to get more listings
  • ​Your Unique Real Estate Brand
  • ​The Art Of Attraction
  • ​Cultivating Your Community
  • ​Lead Nurture to Conversion: A Peek Behind the Curtain
  • ​Being Unforgettable
  • ​Your Start-Up Plan

I'd like to send a FREE copy of my book ASAP!

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What you invest in, you'll pay attention to.

What good is a free book with tons of incredible information and business transforming strategies, if you never read it or take the time to implement it?

And I know once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down.

This Book Works! See for Yourself...

I'd like to send a FREE copy of my book ASAP!

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